You submerge under the ice and the noise from the compressor is replaced with the sound from your bubbles. An ordinary cave dive? Not at all! Between you and your buddy there is a ladder and a canister filled with survival kit (food, first aid kit, lights, warm clothing etc).

Safety canisterThe dry chamber is to be fully explored and we want to be prepared if someone would get injured. Safety is important. Survey has also a high priority during this expedition. We have a lot of survey data from previous years, but we have re-surveyed some passages and checked the data against fixed points, which are traced to the surface for exact position.

Good cave maps are in the process! How do we stand the cold? With the introduction of Finnish divers came also the sauna tent. That means that after 20 minutes snowmobile ride through the forest you’ll find a special made tent made for great after-dive relaxing. 5 meters away there is easy access to the hole in the ice for a quick chill if you cannot stand the heat…

Half way

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