Finally after one year of planning it was time to kick off expedition 2015! We woke up to a beautiful IMG_2690morning with sun and -21 degrees. After breakfast we packed the cars and left for the mountain.

After reloading all gear to snow mobiles we headed the 5 kilometers out on the mountain and started to build the camp.
The basics needed to be built and we made teams, the two main tents needed to be put up, the lawatory to be digged, the compressor needed to be built in with shelter from wind and snow, the dive plattform -and the center for the expedition- was opened.

The thick ice was easy to drill through in the warmth of the sun and the ice cold water was welcoming us. Our new friend Sami from Finland surprised us all with a new gift for the expedition, a little portable sauna tent to bee enjoyed after cold dives.

Expedition 2015 – first day

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