Last night did not end well when our main compressor broke down leaving us with a small backup compressor. Fortunatelly we managed to rent another small compressor so we now have two small ones and this makes it possible to continue the dives with same rate as expected.

Today the divers worked in two teams, one looking at other parts of the valley and checking out smaller caves. One enterance ended with 30 meter of mapped cave but this section is still not connected by divers to our main system, something that we hope to do one day.

In the main system the divers did some mapping but focus has been on locating and investigate potencial passages that leads out from the main tunnels. We found several new ones that we will continue to investigate tomorrow. We will also do another push dive to the end of line and hopefully do some more mapping of our main tunnels. However the distance and the freezing water makes it harder and harder to reach.

We also had a visit today from local reporters that stayed with us for a couple of hours and looking at our dive teams. It is always nice when we get visitors out here.

More new cave, reporters and a broken compressor

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