A set up of fix point in sump 3
A set up of fix point in sump 3

Today we had our last gathering with the team and the locals that have helped us thought out the expedition, tomorrow is the last day and we are all feeling a bit sad that this years adventure soon is over but we are really happy about the progress that we have made. The gratitude against the locals and everybody that helped us with the expedition is to big to explain and the help we got has been amazing, without all the support we could never have made it tough this years expedition.

We have had some fears that the two tunnels at the far end that we are exploring had suddenly both come to and end that was to narrow for the divers to pass, but we are really exited that a new tunnel has been found and by that we now know that we have not come to an end and that next year will start with new opportunities.

The push divers managed to put in another 42 meters of line today, and we also had a guest diver in the dolin lake today, Anders, one of out snow mobile drivers, made his first ever dive today and we can now welcome him as one of the few that has ever dived at the spot.

Tomorrow we will clear out the camp and cave from gear.

We are getting closer to the end

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  • 2015-08-07 at 11:10

    What a wonderful adventure that your team have been through. I first saw a video on the National Geographic View app on my phone and it was very fascinating. Keep on adding those meters to your tunnels. God Speed and blessings.

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