We would like to send a big thank you to all sponsors and donors that has made this years expedition possible!

Our main sponsors
These companies helped us out extra much this year! 

Who contributed
Dyk och anläggning
dykarna - allt om dykning
Helping companies:
Thank you for supporting us!

Teufelberger | Ingenjörsfirma Curt Nyberg AB | TVM Divelop | Hollister | GH Event / Sinotec | Lantmäteriet Gävle | Reel Diving | Frostviken Outdoor | Team FX | Blåsjöns Hembyggdsförening | Swedish Radio Supply | Restaurant Fjällripan | ICA Blåsjöfjäll
And the perhaps the most important thanks goes to all helpfull people in Blåsjön that helps us every year!

The sponsors of 2013 years expedition

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